Asian Women’s Guide to Health, Vitality and Beauty

This book is based on the author’s clinical experiences of helping women deal with day-to-day living. The special daily trials and tribulations that they face could wear them down bit by bit. In themselves these symptoms are not overwhelming. However taken altogether they can be very wearing.

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Awakening the Genius in Your Child

This book will guide you through the learning processes of your child, and how best can you encourage them to learn and remember. It gives a deep insight on how each and everyone of us learn.

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Maximising Your Child’s Potential

There has been an increasing recognition that as our society accelerates into the 21st century, we are being deluged by an avalanche of information, social stability and emotional security is becoming increasing frail. In an increasingly uncertain world many of the familiar and stable social and moral support from the extended family to religious organizations are losing their power to influence and guide the course of society.

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The Magic of MRET Water

Water is much more than we know. Many scientists and leading edge researchers, from around the planet, are continuing to report, that there is much more to know about this ancient substance that supports and sustains our lives. This information is leading us to alter our perceptions, and thereby our relationships and responsibilities, to this miraculous element.

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Your Passport to Wellness

We live in a rapidly changing world, filled with many possibilities. Many of us are often reaching out to embrace all that we can grasp. We often live life with an intensity that would leave our parents and grandparents gasping for breath. We take for granted many things that they did not.

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The Science behind The Secret Bundle

Do you ever find yourself unhappy with your life, or wanting to achieve more in your life?
The Science behind The Secret, Dr. Sundardas’s latest program, will be able to direct you in the right direction. Based on 20 years of research, Dr. Sundardas is able to scientifically prove the theories and methodologies mentioned within the bestselling book ‘The Secret’.

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Success Permissions: Secrets Revealed

The Success Permission Seminar, a program by Dr. Sundardas, is based on his 20 years of research and testing. With it, you have been shown to be able achieve greater height than you previously was capable of.

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